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          WIZZ was established in Thailand since year 2020 and was founded by CEL Trading Ltd; it is a specially formed brand that encompasses various home appliances that skewed towards the people of Thailand.

         Our brand philosophy is “Always With You” and with this we ensure that every products and services provided will be tailored to the preferences of our customers and our products will continuously staying in-line with the needs of our users and the trend of the market. Hence, always staying with you and forever.

         Our mission is to enable every household in Thailand to enjoy and adore every single products line-up we have catered for this fascinating and ever-evolving market. 

Committed Excellence

Our management will also ensure that we are always committed to the excellence of our achievements. We are determined to strive and will always go the extra mile to achieve our goals in whatever we do. Whether it is company excellence, product excellence or even customer service excellence; we want and will do the best in everything we are working on. With this, ‘Committed Excellence’ is our company motto.

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