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          VIDVIE was established by Shenzhen Aifeng Chengpin Trading Co.,Ltd and Hongkong Yifeng Trading Co., Ltd in 2015.

          VIDVIE conducts demand analysis based on its unique historic sales database, to explore the real needs of different national markets. Therefore, VIDVIE can satisfy customers by independent R&D or sourcing niche products. Right now, over 1,000+ SKU for clients' choice to enrich their product range.


          In addition, the way of equity participation or signing long-term strategic cooperation agreements with the selected factories are the core of assurance of products quality and complete after-sales service. Plus, advanced supply chain managing system, VIDVIE achieves minimal delivery times and optimal stock provisioning for clients to meet clients' needs of small orders.

Spice Up People's Life

          Looking back on the five-year development process, VIDVIE has successfully shaken hands with core strategic cooperation partners in 14 countries. As of January 2020, the number of VIDVIE entities in the world reaches more than 312+ stores, and the number of sales points has exceeded 3,600+. As brand growth, VIDVIE accumulates rich experience and database in brand promotion and marketing.


          As a result, from R&D to production and marketing operation, it enables VIDVIE to bring OEM & ODM service to clients as well. VIDVIE is committed to helping customers find the intelligent solution to spice up their terminal devices.

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